The 7 Minor Guitar Chords Guaranteed To Improve Your Playing [Plus Free Chord Chart]

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Need to add some flavor to your guitar playing? Well, I’m super happy to tell you that minor guitar chords can add mountains of taste to the sound of your guitar playing.

But which minor chords should you learn first? Don’t worry, I’ve done all that work for you and listed the most important minor guitar chords all beginners should learn!

This article from justinguitar can give you a quick rundown of what a minor chord is.

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Read to the end and you’ll find a very usable chart with all the chords mentioned for free!

Learn The Following Minor Guitar Chords First!

Chord 1 – A minor 

First up is the A minor guitar chord. The chord produces a very familiar sound that often brings to mind a classical guitar sound.

The chord is very popular in just about all genres of music. The fifth string is played open(unfretted) as is the first string.

If you are familiar with the E major chord then this should present no problems for you as the shapes are identical.

You must have notes A, C, and E to make an A minor chord.

A minor guitar chord diagram

Chord 2 – B minor

Next up is B minor. If you ever hope to play “Hotel California”, go ahead and get this one locked down.

And that is only one of many many songs that make good with this chord. The chord is endlessly useful so mastering it now is well worth the effort!

You must have B, D, and F# notes to make a B minor chord.

B minor guitar chord diagram

It is also very common to play the barre chord version of this chord. The barre chord looks like this:

B Minor Barre Chord Diagram

Chord 3 – C minor

C minor is our next chord on the list.

While it may not be as instantly recognizable as A minor, it is certainly used often in pop music as well as other genres.

The shape is the same as B minor but with all fingers moving up the fretboard one fret.

You must have notes C, Eb, and G to make a C minor chord.

C minor guitar chord diagram

You may also play the barre chord version just as before with Bm. Just move all fingers up the neck one fret.

C Minor Barre Chord Diagram

Chord 4 – D minor

The fingering for D minor chord is a little different from what you might be used to. 

This one may play tricks on you when transitioning from other chords.

But, with practice, I have no doubt that you will be able to transition to and from this chord.

You must have D, F, and A notes to make a D minor chord.

D minor guitar chord diagram

Chord 5 – E minor

E minor chord is refreshingly easy! Only two notes to fret and all other strings are allowed to ring openly.

It’s just a great-sounding chord that lends itself nicely to the natural sound of the acoustic guitar.

You must have notes E, G, and B to make an E minor chord.

E minor guitar chord diagram

Chord 6 – F minor

The F minor chord is very common in modern music.

First, use your index finger as a barre and place it flat over the first three strings at the first fret.

Make sure to apply enough pressure to sound the notes clearly.

Then use your ring finger to fret the fourth string at the third fret.

Yes, it requires some strength in the index finger while requiring a moderate stretch over to the third fret.

But don’t worry.

As always, consistent practice will get you there.

You must have notes F, Ab, and C to make an F minor chord.

F minor guitar chord diagram

Chord 7 – G minor

G minor is the last but not least chord on our list today!

It has the same shape as the previous F Minor Chord. Just move all those fingers up the neck two frets and bingo.

Gm and Fm have the same shape and fingerings so if you know one you can play the other.

This is similar to Am and E major. Same fingering and shapes, just in different spots on the neck.

You must have G, Bb, and D to make a G minor chord.

g minor guitar chord diagram


And those are the foundational minor guitar chords a beginner should master first!

Are they flashy? No sir.

Are they effective? You bet!

Now try learning some other easy guitar chords for beginners.

How Can I Get Better With These Minor Guitar Chords?

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So go ahead and share this post with a player you know who needs it, and we will see you in the next post!

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