9 Cheap Guitar Accessories That Make Life Easy For A Complete Novice!

So, you’ve decided to begin learning the guitar! Congratulations on choosing a gratifying hobby, past-time, career, etc… That’s right, guitar playing can become whatever you make of it. There are some guitar accessories that you will need to get started. We’ll let you know exactly what those essential accessories are. There are a few things […]

9 Super Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners – Plus Free Chord Poster

Image of Gibson Les Paul. Feature image for blog post titled 9 super easy guitar songs for beginners.

Struggling to learn guitar? As a beginner guitar player, you want to learn some songs! You need super easy guitar songs for beginners! But knowing which songs to start with can be difficult. Here’s the deal: I’m going to give you 9 songs that will please your audience and get you strumming! How This Post […]

Guitar String Names 101 – A Comprehensive Guide You Must Read Now

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Have you just begun your journey with the guitar? Need to learn the guitar string names? As a beginner guitar player, learning the names of the guitar strings should be at the top of your list of things to do. Learning the names of the open(unfretted) strings is one of the most important things you […]

8 Quick And Easy Guitar Strumming Patterns Beginners Need To Know

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Learning the guitar can be a struggle! Knowing what to learn as a beginner can be an even bigger struggle. The good news is that I’ve made this task of knowing what to learn easy for you with this guide. Here you will find the essential guitar strumming patterns all beginners should know. To learn strumming […]