9 Super Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners – Plus Free Chord Poster

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Struggling to learn guitar? As a beginner guitar player, you want to learn some songs! You need super easy guitar songs for beginners!

But knowing which songs to start with can be difficult.

Here’s the deal:

I’m going to give you 9 songs that will please your audience and get you strumming!

How This Post Is Different

You may have read a similar post to this in the past and came away disappointed.

Many lists like this include songs that are too difficult for an absolute beginner, or they may even include songs that you wouldn’t want to hear yourself! 

I get it.

We’re not going to do you that way. 

Before we get started there are a few things you should know:

Getting Started

You’ve probably already figured out by now that learning to play the guitar is hard.

You can read here about why some beginner guitar players get discouraged and how you can find ways to move forward.  

To learn any song you will need to know some basic open chords.

If you don’t know all your basic chords yet then go ahead and read 12 beginner guitar chords

You might be wondering:

Why did I choose these songs?

What Makes A Good Song For A Beginner?

A beginner needs a song with basic chords that are easier on the hands. That’s why you’ll only find songs here that use the most basic chords.  

It also helps to choose songs that only use a small number of chords. For this article, I’ve chosen only to give you songs that use four chords or fewer.

And finally, you’ll need songs that have simple rhythms and that are not difficult to sing.

Good rhythm guitar is deceptively difficult. So for this post, we’re going to stick with songs that have a manageable and straightforward rhythm.

And because we like you so much we’ve also chosen to leave out songs that require a demanding vocal performance. 

For your convenience, I’ve included the following chord poster which contains all the chords needed for the songs on this list.

Stick around to the end of the post to get the poster to your inbox!


Let’s get to that list of super easy guitar songs for beginners

“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” – Bob Dylan 

From Bob Dylan to Eric Clapton to Guns N Roses. Everyone has heard this song.

It’s a testament to the quality of Dylan’s songwriting.

Truly great songs endure the test of time and can translate through different genres. Here, we’ll stick to the Bob Dylan version.

Chords used:  G,D,Am,C

This song follows a consistent chord rotation to the end.

The rotation goes like this:

G, D, Am

G, D, C

The same rotation is used for verses and chorus. There is no bridge in this tune!

“Can’t Ya See” Marshall Tucker Band

Although this song was originally brought to life in 1977 by The Marshall Tucker Band, it too has been covered by several artists including Waylon Jennings and Zac Brown Band.

Even though the song contains melody lines played by other instruments, the song still works well in a standalone acoustic performance.

Chords used: G,C,D

G, C, and D are all you need to play the verses and the chorus for this song. Listen closely to mimic the strumming pattern and you are good to go with this classic tune.

“Walk of Life”Dire Straits

First released in 1985, “Walk of Life” was the band’s biggest hit in the UK. The song was wildly successful in the US as well peaking in the top ten on the charts.

Chords used: E,B,A,B7

There is a little more going on in this one than a beginner may be used to.

But don’t be discouraged, the song lends itself to being stripped down to a single guitar performance.

“Let Her Cry” Hootie and the Blowfish

You may want to muster up a little gravel in your voice when trying this one.

The guitar work is quite manageable but keep in mind that separating this song from Darius Rucker’s voice and unique singing style will be the hardest part of performing this song.

Chords used: G,D,C,Em

“A Long December”Counting Crows

A good song to play at the end of a show, or even at the end of a set before an intermission.

Even though the song is melancholy, it has the sing-along effect which makes it a good choice for a new performer.

Chords used: D,G,Em,A 

“Ring of Fire” Johnny Cash

Any bar or Honky Tonk will expect you to know this one. Chances are, even your friends around your campfire feel the same way. You can’t lose with these strait-forward lyrics and easy chord progression.

Chords used: G,C,D

“Heroes” Wallflowers

David Bowies’ “Heroes” had new life given to it in the nineties by the alternative rock band Wallflowers.

While the original was a popular song, the Wallflowers managed to put their gloomy and nostalgic feel on it.

Chords used: D,G,C

“Learning to Fly” Tom Petty

It’s funny that the first time I heard this song was in 1991 from a Chicago Bulls basketball documentary that carries the same name.

It’s no wonder that for most of my childhood, and still to this day when I hear the song I think about Michael Jordan.

Chords used: F,C,Am, G

This is feel-good rock and roll at its best. Nobody does feel good better than Top Petty.

“Bad Moon Rising” – CCR

I have so much respect for John Fogerty and the music that Creedence Clearwater Revival produced throughout their active years.

This may be their most well-known tune, right up there beside Proud Mary.

It’s infectious and swampy. The epitome of Rock and Roll.

Chords used: D,A,G


And that concludes our list of super easy guitar songs for beginners but you don’t have to stop here!

Now that you have some songs under your belt, you can move forward with tunes that have more chords and more intricate rhythms. 

You can get your free chord poster here.

Just always remember that more complex doesn’t always equate to a better song. More often than not, the less complex…the more memorable! 

Now, would you help us make this post more memorable and share it with a friend? 

And feel free to leave us a comment letting us know what you thought about the article and what type of post you would like to see in the future,